Your spirit never dies...

Will come, when you'll have to rise Above the best,
improve yourself Your spirit never dies Farewell,
I've gone, to take my throne Above
don't weep for me Cause this will be the labor of my love
Imagine Dragons - Warriors

My outfit
Hair:*Drot* -   Draco @*Drot*
Necklace:Pure Poison- Gabrielle Warrior Necklace@Pure Poison
Tattoo:DAPPA- Messiah Tattoo@Roulett3
Nose: AITUI -  Bull Horn Septum Piercing - Rodeo @AITUI
       Gloves:PFC~-Fur Gloves @PFC~
    Boots: PFC~ -  Furboot  @PFC~
Axe: :BAMSE:  -   War Axe - Rust @We <3 RP
Pants: PFC~ -  God's Fist - pants with belt  @Totally Top Shelf

Bed:[Tia] -  The Jarls Bed - ADULT @[Tia]
Shack:[DDD]- Moorside Cottage@[DDD]
Sidetable:[Tia] -  Throne of Odin - Side Table Right @[Tia]
Bed:[Tia] -  Pillar Brazier @[Tia]
Shield:*AF*- Symbolic Shield - Cross - Common@*AF*
           Deer Skull:Apple Fall-  Deer Skull@Apple Fall
                         Deer:DRD- deerhead chandelabra dark@DRD
                              Sidetable:[Tia] -  Throne of Odin - Side Table Right @[Tia]
                                 Throne:[Tia] -  Throne of Odin - CUDDLE @[Tia]
Rug::FANATIK HOME:- Grizzly Rug Black PG 1024@FANATIK
Helmet:(Poisoned Diamond)  - Horn helmet BLUE@Totally Top Shelf
                Wall: (Poisoned Diamond) -    Shield BLUE @Totally Top Shelf

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