So quit saying that you going to murder guys, You wouldn't hurt a fly
I keep the rhythm the way I kill it should be forbidden
The demon's risen, I'm lawless and don't believe religion
You'll be a victim when I stab creating deep incisions
So get familiar with fish because you going to be sleeping with them
SC Static - Murder rap


Hair: [Deadwool] - Undercut hair - tidy - licorice @Deadwool
Tattoo:Façade - Prideful FRESH @Façade
Glasses: [Steinwerk]- Alphabeat Glasses@Steinwerk 
Tongue: {aii} -   + Spider Tongue + @Nightmare Event

Suit: [Deadwool] - The Dandy - formal jacket - pinstripe black @Deadwool

Pants: [Deadwool] - The Dandy - formal trousers - pinstripe black  @Deadwool
Gun::::Brutal Weapons::: -Desert Eagle @Brutal Weapons


Crow: erratic / coc - taxidermy raven @erratic
Gun (stand): * S O R G O -  Silent 11.43 RARE @* S O R G O (Old Gacha)
Side table: 04.erratic / lsm - side table - ash @erratic
Ashtray:[ kunst ]-  Cigar ashtray #2@Kunst (Old Gacha)
Passport: * S O R G O - Rosary (Male) @* S O R G O (Old Gacha)

Cat:-Pixicat- - Bastet.Sphynx (Sit)@Arcade

Trunk table: [ARIA]. -Blair trunk coffee table @[ARIA]
Passport Pile:* S O R G O- Passports Pile B @* S O R G O (Old Gacha)
Money Bag:* S O R G O-silver metal UTAMARO bracelet/MALE/sumi Black @* S O R G O (Old Gacha)
Kinky Gear:oyasumi- Kinky Gear @oyasumi