Listen! I'm tellin' you, It's my world, I does what I wish to


I Listen, I'm tellin' you, It's  my world
I does what I wish to
If you're mad well too bad, sounds like a personal Issue
I walk in, They all stare like ''who the fuck is this dude?''
Kicks game is just rude, Don't get jiu-jitsued
G-eazy - I mean it

My outfit
Hair:[bade] -  Hudson @WE <3 RP
Eye (patch):[ContraptioN]-  Wide-Sight Eye *default* nose R@Contraption
Right eye:[LB Eyes]- Midtones Set 1: Bole R@We <3 RP
Ring:!NFINITY – “The King” Ring – Right Hand @MOM
Necklace::Diamante:– Midtones Set 1: Bole R@Black Fashion fair
Face tattoo:.Facade.–  :: Virago FADED@100 Block
Top:[Deadwool]-  Ed shirt - TMP vers. + susp. - black@Deadwool
Pants:[Deadwool]-  Full beard - black - V3@Deadwool
Shoes:[Deadwool]-  Peak suit (tux) - trousers (dandy length) - black @Deadwool

Her Outfit
Shoes:JamBee- > BFF Bonnie Heels > @Black Fashion
Tattoo:-7P--  Ashley@7P
Hair:+Spellbound+-  Lost // Chapter I : Earth@ROMP
Lingerie:erratic / delice -  Peak suit (tux) - trousers (dandy length) - black @Erratic
Shoes:REIGN.-  Patent Mishi Thigh High Boots- BLACK @REIGN

Chair: [IDEZA Furnitures]  Black Chesterfield Seat @Black Fashionfair
Cigar:(epia)- Cigars Box @Epia
Knife: .Reckless.  Silver Tequila 2 @Epiphany
Tequila: .Reckless.  Blade 12 *Coca* @Epiphany
Ashtray: [NikotiN] - Ultimate_Ashtray (V.5) @[Nikotin]
Lamp: [IDEZA Furnitures]   Floor Lamp @Black fashion
Case: Soy. - Secret attache case [Opend] @Soy
Lust Decore: :DEADPOOL: –  LUST DECORE @50 shades of lust
Fancy Decor: Fancy Decor   Ladder Shelf @Fancy Decor
Tape deck: [Kunst]  04. [ kunst ] – Vintage tape deck @Kunst (Old gacha)
Amplifier:[Kunst]– 05. [ kunst ] – amplifyer@Old gacha
Tuner:[Kunst]– 03. [ kunst ] – Vintage tuner@Old gacha
Rack:[Kunst]– 01. [ kunst ] – Vintage audio rack RARE @kunst (Old Gacha)
Record Pile:[Kunst] – 07. [ kunst ] – Vinyl records pile@Old gacha
Album: [kunst]. –   08. [ kunst ] – Vintage People album @Old gacha
Audio tapes:[Kunst] droop plant @Old gacha
Turn table:[Kunst]– 02. [ kunst ] – Vintage turntable RARE @Old gacha q
Mannequin:{-MK-}– mannequin_Dog (Black/1Li)@MK
Mannequin:{-MK-}–  mannequin_Rabbit (Black/1Li)@MK
Mannequin: {-MK-}  mannequin_Cat (White/1Li) @MK

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