I swear I love sitting on a cloud with you
Couldn’t see it being any different
But I know my dreams leave a blurry vision
I tell you it’s worth it But you know I'm not perfect Your type of loyalty I don’t deserve it

Hair:*ARGRACE* -  SHUN - Black @*ARGRACE*
Tattoo: .Reckless.- Fin Faded@Mainstore
Pants:[Deadwool]- Pleated jeans - regular - dark grey@TMD

Hair: Lovey Dovey - Naomi @Lovey Dovey
Outfit: Blueberry  - Mykonos - white @Arcade
Tattoo: DAPPA  - Harmonize @DAPPA

Pose: + Mouni Poses +  -  Expose event Couple 1 @Expose event
Chess:[ zerkalo ]-  Chess / Karpov vs Unzicker (1974) v2 Metal @Zerkalo
Suitcase:[ zerkalo ]-   Sweet Elegance - Suitcases Table Dark @Zerkalo

pic frame:Junk.- morrison spanner frame @Junk.
mannequin:Junk.- half man(nequin). @Junk.
Wordplay:.birch- Word Play @.birch
Wall Mount:Aii- + Unknown Entity Wall Mount Dark + {egosumaii} @we <3 RP
Necklace:Eudora3D-  Eithne Necklace Silver  @we <3 RP
Pallet Bed:Pewpew!-   Pallet Bed - Brown @Pewpew!
Dart Board::CP:-  Kraken Dart Board - Dark @:CP:

Plant:[Toiz]- droop plant @Toiz
Coffee Table: [ARIA]. - Luana coffee table @[ARIA]
Couch: [ARIA]. - Lennox Sofa - Charcoal - Adult @[ARIA]
Puppy: JIAN Lively Labs ::  - Not So Srs Bsns Pup @Arcade
Poster: floorplan.  -  frankenziggy poster @Floorplan.
Chalk Art: SAYO  -  Stationed in Soho - Who We Art Chalk Art @Floorplan.
Toolbox:[Sau]- toolbox[1.1]@Sau