You might never sell enough of this stuff to move off your street
But every time I call you let me light one up for free
I'm sure that you're never ever gonna be a runway Model
But you can make a bomb ass piece out of a water Bottle
Mike Posner - Drug Dealer Girl
Thank you For my amazing Girlfriend for the collab, Look at her version HERE

Bun:*Soonsiki*- Tothe *Gothics*@*Soonsiki*
Hair: [BURLEY] - Lola_Blacks @[BURLEY]
Pants: even.flow -  Baggy Sweatpants 'Black-White trim' @even.flow
Mouth:.Loud Mouth.-  Carlos v1.5@LoudMouth
Hair: .Reckless. - Brost @TMD
Eyebrow Tattoo:Façade - Prideful FRESH @Façade

Dog:+Half-Deer+- Mad of Hats - Card Black@+Half-Deer+
Pose: .Focus Poses. - Couple 15 @The seasons Story
Wake n Bake 1: .Reckless. -  Wake n Bake 1 @Freakshow Gacha
Crusher 10: .Reckless. - Crusher 10 @Freakshow Gacha
Crusher 12:.Reckless. - Crusher 12 @Freakshow Gacha
Rolling Papers :.Reckless.- Rolling Papers 4@Freakshow Gacha
Nug 14, 13, 15: .Reckless. - Nug 14,13,15 @Freakshow Gacha
Wake n Bake 3 : .Reckless. -  Wake n Bake 3 @Freakshow Gacha
Mommy, Tell 'em I'm a sicko, Psycho, Tell 'em Imma hit the night though
Wrapping them up like a tight rope
My brain is empty, I can't think, I'm insane, Im simply sick in the head
Get in the bed, I'm a murderer
Mannibal, Cannibal.
Brotha Lynch Hun - Meat Cleaver
Mask:[BUC]- Mad of Hats - Card Black@The seasons Story

Overall: [BUC] - Noah_White @The seasons Story
Machete: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. -  Nikohl ( Male Version ) @Wayward Halloween Gacha
Eyes: Clemmm - Clemmm - Cabin Eyes /// DarkSclera Dilated Owl Yellow @Clemmm
House:[DDD] - Moorside Cottage @[DDD]