They'll laugh as you're marched to your death

There are those will come to watch you die
To stand around your funeral Pyre
And they'll laugh a you're marched to your death
And they dance when the nose is put round your neck
Hat:[KROVA]- Witchfinder Hat Black@We <3 RP
      Cuirass: [KROVA] - Witchfinder Jerkin BLK Sleeveless@We <3 RP
          Glove: [KROVA] - Witchfinder Gloves Black @We <3 RP
Bandolier:[KROVA]-Witchfinder Bandolier Black @We <3 RP
Bottom jacket part: DIRAM -  Jacket - M size  @Diram
Pants: Yasum* - Vintage Pants*Size 3*Pitch*Common*  @Yasum*

Boots: Yasum* - Vintage Boot *Size 3*Common*Pitch  @Yasum*

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