I travel through a tube and end up in your infection

One baby to another says
I'm lucky to have met you
I don't care what you think
unless It's about me
It is now my duty to completely drain you
I travel trough a tube
And end up in your infection
nirvana - Drain You
Hair: Action - Inkubator HAIR Jaxon @Action
Face tattoo: Façade -Wild and Free FRESH @Façade
Tattoo:antielle- Beauty Clinic - RARE - Suction @Antielle Gacha
Eyebags: .random.Matter. -  Perfectly Flawed - Eyebags 2 @Random Matter
Mask: [SWaGGa] - Captured Mask @Swagga
Wings:RO -  Azrael Bone Wing @We <3 RP
Ornament:{anc}- glass ornament. (RAIN) RARE@Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Needles: *katat0nik*- (red/PAIN/LT) Syringe@Katat0nik

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