screwed up and brilliant, look like a million dollar man....

I don't know 
How you convince them and get them
But I don't know what you do
It's unbelievable
And I don't know how you get over, get over
Someone as dangerous, Tainted and flawed as you
Alice Jemima - Million Dollar Man (Cover)
Hair: Action - Inkubator HAIR Jaxon @Action
      Fur: -David Heather- - Mio Fur Stole/M/Black @David Heather
          Mask: Le Morte - FallOut Mask - Black @We <3 RP
Gloves:[KROVA]-Witchfinder Gloves Black @We <3 RP
Pants: Yasum* - Vintage Pants*Size 3*Pitch*Common*  @Yasum*
Boots: Yasum* - Vintage Boot *Size 3*Common*Pitch  @Yasum*

Box:The Domineaux Effect- Industrial Loft Skybox V2 84li@The Domineaux Effect
    Fireplace: :DH: -  Black Fireplace ~Candles~ @:DH:
                Wine: [ kunst ] -  Wine bottle / malbec - red cap @Kunst
                Sign 1: 7 - Dancer Neon  @Seven Emporium
Sign 2:7- GirlsGirlsGirls Neon@Seven Emporium
    Couch: [ARIA] -   Blair two sitter sofa (PG) @[ARIA]
Shack:[DDD]- Carved Wooden Throne@[DDD]
                Crop: *SE~ - Daddy's Prize - SLAP BOARD (Not the pose, but crop) @Something new
   Statue: [LJ] - Penitent Statue - Female - Black @[LJ]
Ashtray:[NikotiN]- Ultimate_Ashtray (V.5)@[NikotiN]
               Pose: RIDIC. - Kitten wants to play @RIDIC.

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