The Old Days

This post is inspired by my dad Enzo Goodspeed (whizdom), We talked about barber shops.
How we loved the old classical feeling of that time-period
So I made this in thought of him and the old time

Studio::HAKEI:-My vintage art studio / Gacha RARE @AMITOMO

Sink:Apple Fall-Apple Fall Barbers' Sink @Apple fall

Barrel Chair:Apple fall.-Apple Fall Barrel Chair @Apple fall
Cabinet:Apple Fall-Apple Fall Barber Supply Cabinet RARE@Apple fall
Supply Shelf:xin + toro// wall supply shelf @TORO
Price List:xin + toro-  // price list@TORO
Waiting Chairs:xin + toro-// barbershop posters @TORO
Posters:xin + toro-// barbershop posters @TORO
Cigarette Machine:7 --Cigarette Machine A-09-100 @Seven Emporium
Ashtray:[Kunst]-Cigar ashtray #2 @Kunst
Cigarette Butts:[Nikotin]-Cigarette Butts (04) @Nikotin

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