Begging for Death

Read It, Control It, Unhinge It. In the past it was often the Dark Lord's Pleasure to invade the minds of his victims
Creating visions designed to torture them into madness.
Only after extracting the last exquisite ounce of agony, only when he had them literally begging for death would he finally...Kill them
Skybox: Glam Affair - Lorella Skybox @Glaim Affair
Sorting Hat: !TLB - Sorting Hat Table @Wizard Fair
Art: !TLB.- - Wizard Art/Spells@Wizard Fair
Mirror:!TLB - Nagging Mirror@Wizard Fair
Table (with Letter):!TLB- Detention Table @Wizard Fair
Trophy:.::DD::.- WG Divination COMMON@Wizard Fair
Pose: SN~ - Sprung @SN & SE
(Does not include wands)
Hair:Action - Paul Veganic +/- @Action
Cloak:FATEplay - Henry Cloak - Slytherin  @Wizard Fair
Sweater:FATEplay - Henry Sweater (cloaked) - Slytherin @Wizard Fair
Pants:FATEplay-Henry Pants - Black (S)@Wizard Fair
Undershirt:FATEplay- Henry Undershirt (cloaked) - White@Wizard Fair
Glove:FATEwear- Glove - Dexter - Void @FATEwear
Wand:[KRAVE/Strike it]- Fantasy Wand Nokturn Black@Wizard Fair

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