Give it All

For far too long these voices
Muffled by distances
It's time to come to our senses
Up from the Dirt
Rise Against - Give it all

This post was inspired to support.
to let other people see what is still going on in this world today
People should accept each other 

Helmet:TonkTastic - Riot Helmet @Tonktastic

Gasmask: Tonktastic - Tactical gas mask (worn at mouth) @Tonktastic
Kevlar Vest:Tonktastic- Kevlar vest (Black SWAT) (chest part)@Tonktastic

Kevlar pants:Tonktastic - Kevlar Pants@Tonktastic

Police Baton:Tonktastic-  Baton (scripted v1, draw/sheath)  @Tonktastic

Gloves:Tonktastic- Protection Gloves @Tonktastic
Boots:Tonktastic- Tactical Boots (right)@Tonktastic

Shield:(epia)-  Riot Shield@Epia
The link to my wifeys blog is here, You should give it a look *LINK*

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