All monsters are human - Part 2 - The first kiss....

It was 07/10/2015, I finally knew that the love of my life was going to come to visit me.
I woke up early (bare in mind I had no sleep at all) Because I was nervous.
I picked up my bag which I packed weeks ago, Just to be on time. 
As soon as I entered the train I called you to tell you I was on my way.

It was one of the hottest summers here I have ever had in Holland, I was sweating with both heat and being nervous.
Sadly the train did not pull all the way trough & I had to take a tram down town to see you.
I stepped out at the prinsen gracht, at the little tram station.
You were in my ear saying ''Look out for the car'' as I stepped back wards, turning around and seeing you for the first time.
Time stood still for a second there, I dropped my bag and everything around us faded.
I saw only you.....You ran towards me, you wrapped your arms around me and we bumped teeth as
we kissed for the first time...I took the bag, we went to get some cigarettes and walked back with you
To the apartment, to where the next picture....will tell the tale...

My Outfit
Hair:*Drot* -   -Ash- @*Drot*
Coat: REPRESENT -  Trooper Park, Black" @REPRESENT
Pants:[Deadwool]- Pleated jeans - regular - dark grey@TMD
Boots:BUENO- Seattle Boots@TMD

Her Outfit
Hair: Lovey Dovey -  :: Eloise :: Bloggers @Lovey Dovey
Glasses:.Elysian.- Nerdy Specs -@.Elysian.
Tank:Express Yourself- "Nirvana" Hippie Tank FITMESH@Express Yourself
Shorts: -SuicidalUnborn!-  - Lethal Shorts @-SuicidalUnborn!-
Piercings: -SuicidalUnborn!-  - Alena Facial Piercing Set @-SuicidalUnborn!-
Stockings:*KOM- IBA SOCKS @Fetish Fair
Tattoo:{ Speakeasy }- Magena Tattoo @Fetish Fair

Tattoo:{ Speakeasy }- Hungry_Eyes pose@Fetish Fair

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