We carry nothing but a name you will forsake....


We carry nothing but a name you will forsake
Your words are always there to break my fall
Break my fall!!!
In them I find the comfort to see through it all
Rise against - Injection
Thank you for the beautiful Collab, Check out my wife's blog HERE!!!
Hair:Action - Inkubator HAIR Jaxon @Action
Mask + Visor: :: Wretch :: - Cyberpunk mask @Wretch
Hood: *chronokit*- ModsCoat02 Black @Chronokit
Tattoo: -7- - amzkiee @Shiny Shabby
Arms: [Neurolab Inc.] - NK1 Cybernetic Hands (Active) V.1.8 (BOXED) @TMD
Pants:BLK2.0-  2LOW_BAGGY-STD [M] M (BLACK)@Balkanik2.0
Gun: BCA - MP689-M4A1-M203 @Marketplace
Shoes: Blackburns -  Platform Work Boot  @Blackburns
Pose: !Bang -  Abjuration  @We <3 RP

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