Do you know where the wild things go?....

I Do you know where the wild things go?
They go along to take your honey La la la
Break down, Now weep
Build up breakfast, Now let's eat
My Love, my love, love, love, la la la
Hair:Lamb.- Mad of Hats - Card Black@Lamb.
Face tattoo: Façade -Wild and Free FRESH @Façade
Eyes: {S0NG} -   :: Vampy~ Ghost Eye @Nightmare Event
Piercing: <- PoM -> -  Swirl Septum - Black @Pierce of Mind
Beard:[Deadwool]-  Full beard - black - V3@Deadwool
Tattoo:DAPPA - Freedom Tattoo@Sir Monthly.
Chair:Di'Cor - Clifton Loungers [Black] PG@Sir Monthly.
Hair base: AITUI TATTOO. - Hairbase 2.0 - Constant Reminder @TMD
Pants: [Deadwool] - The Dandy - formal trousers - pinstripe black  @Deadwool
Shoes: [Deadwool] - Dandy shoes - fitted   @Deadwool
Glove + GunFLite.. - GQ Gloves L -Black - RARE@(Past gacha) @Flite
Bracelet:[MANDALA]-silver metal UTAMARO bracelet/MALE/sumi Black @[MANDALA]

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