It was 1989

It was 1989
My thoughts were short my hairwas long
Caught somewhere between a boy and man
She was seventeen and she was far from in-between
It was summertime in Northern Michigan
Kid rock - All summer long

Thank You My woman to be the model on this pic ♥ Check blog HERE 
Couch: (epia) - Used Sofa RARE @Arcade (Sep 2015)
Grill: {epia} - BBQ Grill@Arcade (Sep 2015)
Sign:{epia}- Party Sign @Arace (Sep 2015)
Lamp(In Garage):xin + toro // - industrial lamp@Toro
Ping Pong Table(In Garage): {epia} -  Ping Pong Table  @Arcade (Sep 2015)
Poster:xin + toro //-  barbershop posters@Toro
Garage: {epia} - Party Garage RARE @Arace (Sep 2015)
Jello: {epia} -  Jello Shots Plate (add) @Arcade (Sep 2015)
Butts: [Nikotin] -  Cigarette Butts (04)@Nikotin

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